1. Shine
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Seamus - Lead Vocals / Guitar, Ken - Vocals / Guitar, Derek - Bass, Mark - Drums, Shawneen - Djembe


I’ve held on to my anger, as if it was my best friend
I’ve held onto regrets, and that might have been
I’ve held onto the hurt, but I know it’s got to end
Oh but I don’t know how to begin, to live again

Take my hand, oh and sing along
Side by side, we’ll grow strong
And like that song, bout those crazy diamonds
We will all shine on….and on

I’ll say I’m sorry, if I have done you harm
I’d say I’m OK, if I’ve caused you alarm
I’m different now, I’m trying to reform
It’s not easy, living after the storm

[Repeat Chorus]

I wandered through the forest, looking for my God
All I found were questions, lunatics and frauds
In a world of instant gratification and a me attitude
It’s so hard to keep it real and speak only truth

[Repeat Chorus]