1. Sit Down Alice
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Seamus - Lead Vocals / Guitar, Ken - Vocals / Banjo, Derek - Bass, Mark - Drums, Shawneen - Djembe


Hey Chicken little the sky is falling
Not a damn thing we can do
Like a fiddler on the edge of Rome
I’d like to play my tune for you
Down the rabbit hole or through the glass
Somehow we have lost our way
But it’s ok we all float down here
Or so I’ve heard Penny say

Sit down Alice and have some tea
Like a hatter the world’s gone mad
Sit down Alice and have some tea
I swear it the best
I ever had

You look so pretty in your summer dress
But the sun won’t shine today
We all have our party favors on
To brighten our days of gray
Rudy’s screaming at the TV again
And the cow ran away with the spoon
The cabinet’s full of Goldman Sachs
And Wall Street is over the moon

[Repeat Chorus]

Black and white is red all over
Divide and Conquer is their game
Rich get richer, and the poor go hungry
In the end it’s all the same
There’s laughter out of the oval office
And orange is our new boss
Burn it down, fly over screamed
Now there’s alligators in the swamp

[Chorus x 2 ]