1. Spaces
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Seamus - Lead Vocals / Guitar, Ken - Vocals / Guitar, Derek - Bass, Mark - Drums, Shawneen - Djembe


Another lipstick sunrise is smeared across the sky
Another broken china love affair says it’s last goodbye
We cried and tried and threw our words to the wind
But broken hearted surgeons couldn’t save us in the end

There are spaces on my wall, missing pictures for all to see
There are spaces in my heart, where your love used to be

Roll the credits, fade to black there is nothing left to say
Passing ships in the night, going their separate ways
We were a ripple in the water, a rainbow in the gloom
Now I sift through memories in a cold dark lonely room


Time may heal all wounds but for now I pick at the scab
It hurts like hell to miss you, but it's all of you I have

Repeat Chorus